Why Every Top Ten Pubg Game Player Should Play Quixotic?

Why Every Top Ten Pubg Game Player Should Play Quixotic?

There are many top ten lists out there of the most popular pub games around. Some are based on statistics, while others are just opinions. The purpose of this article is to try and decide which ones are the best. Let's get right to it!

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First, let's look at one of the more recent top ten lists. This one comes from Bill Porop's blog and lists the ten most popular board games that can be played at a pub. While many may agree or disagree with the list, it does have an important point. Games like Munchkin and Stickered come in at number five and six respectively, while Chess and Monopoly round out the top ten. Clearly these aren't the only games people play at bars, but they are a good representation of the type of games people enjoy at the local bar.


The next top game on the list is Caverna, which received high marks as one of the best games around. The reason Caverna works so well at a bar is because everyone knows how to play. Most tables will have at least one player who has been playing for a while and has some experience in this type of game. This means you're rarely going to go home with a bad investment.


One of the other big winners on the list is Cayamese. It came in at number eight, although it was somewhat surprising to me that it came in at number seven. What makes Cayamese such a winner? In a word, experience. While there aren't too many new players coming around, the ones who have been around for a long time are probably still in the game.


Our final game on the top ten list is Spades. I saw this as a surprise, but Spades truly is a timeless game. While the rules may not have changed much, what has changed is the way people play the game. Spades can now be played with an online-playing site, which makes the game even more accessible than ever.


The reason why Spades is still a top choice is because it's a game that just keeps growing. As more people are exposed to the game, more complex rules are being added to the game. That means the potential for a very big payday for any player, especially a new player who is able to figure out the intricacies of the game. If you haven't picked up a Spades game in a while, it's definitely time to do so.


Finally, we come to the last top game on the list, and that would be Quixotic. Quixotic is another game from our list that got very high marks from everyone I knew who played it. Everyone agrees that while the game isn't as deep as other games on this list (such as Spades), it's definitely one of the better poker games you can play. If you want a great game that can really challenge you intellectually, then Quixotic is for you.


Hopefully this short article has given you a few reasons why players should gravitate toward the game of Spades when they're playing on a regular basis. Most of the top ten players on this list started playing the game when they were relatively new, and those players have all expanded their skills since they started playing. So, while you're probably not going to become the top player overnight, you can become a top player if you consistently work at your game. If you want to see a very fun game that challenges you intellectually, then give Quixotic a try!

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